July 2022

Freepik Company, S.L.U., hereafter “Freepik”, is the owner, and thus responsible, of the website checkmypresets.com, including any of their subdomains and sections, hereafter “Website”. In this document we provide you with information about cookies, both in a general way and about the ones we use in particular.


What are cookies?

"Cookies" are small compressed text files that allow us to save data specifically related to the user’s device while he is visiting our website. Generally, when referring to "cookies" on the Internet, reference is also made to other technologies used for similar purposes: for instance, through the technical configuration of your device, or your IP address when you download complete images or simply a "pixel”, data are being collected. This allows us to recognize you when you visit our website again, to know your approximate location, the connection time, the device from which you access (fixed or mobile), the operating system and browser used, the most visited pages, the number of clicks made, among others.

How to manage Cookies?

Web browsers usually allow you to disable the use of cookies; limit them to specific web pages or configure the browser to notify you when a cookie is placed in the device. You can also delete them at any time from your computer's hard drive (file: "cookies"). In most cases, a website can be accessed even if the use of cookies has been blocked in the browser settings or when they have not been accepted. However, typically, when you block the placement of cookies, you can suffer limitations in the presentation of the website and your user interface. To obtain more detailed information about the cookies installed on your device and how to manage and delete them, please click the link corresponding link in your web browser:


Freepik only hires tier-1 service providers. Through our cookie setting panel you can consent or reject, granularly, the use of our cookies and those of third parties, as well as certain data processing carried out by third parties based on their legitimate interests. By selecting "Reject all" you will also block said data processing. Cookies (and similar technologies) help us better understand what interests and helps our users most, and to improve our services. You can find extended information and clarification about each category of cookies used on our websites through our cookie settings panel, available from "cookie settings" (link present in the footer of all pages of our website, in the "legal" column). Please find below the description of some of them:

Session and persistent cookies

We use the so-called “session cookies”, which are stored exclusively during the time of your visit to any of our websites. In addition, we and our partners use "persistent cookies" to withhold information about those users who repeatedly access any of our websites.

Analytical cookies

We use web analytics cookies, to know the number of visitors to the different pages and sections of our website, their interactions and duration of their visits, place of entry and exit, to try to improve our content and its capacity to generate interaction.

Cookies can also be “first-party”or “third-party” cookies

"First-party" cookies are those that are sent to the user's terminal equipment from a device or domain managed by Freepik as editor of the website from which the services requested by the user are provided. "Third-party" cookies are those that are sent to the user's terminal equipment from a device or domain that is not managed by the editor, but by another organization, which processes the data obtained through such cookies. You can find out complete information about the data processing carried out by these third parties (lawful bases, international data transfers carried out, retention periods, exercise of rights of access, erasure, restriction of processing, portability and rectification, and how exercise your rights, ... in their respective policies linked in this text and in the cookie tables). You will find detailed information about all cookies used on each of our websites in the cookie table at the end of this text.

Information on the processing of data shared with our advertising partners

Preliminary information:

In the field of online navigation, cookies and other similar technologies allow website visitors to be recognized or singled out (but not identified in the traditional sense of the word, that is, by their names, surnames, ID number or email address).

International data transfers

We participate together with our partners in the international transfer of personal data to countries with a potentially lower level of protection than that imposed by the General Data Protection Regulation. These international transfers are therefore based on standard contractual clauses.

Additional Information

Below, and in the corresponding cookie tables, Freepik provides you with the links to the information offered by each of these companies and platforms regarding the joint controllership situations already described and their own processing operations (lawful bases, international data transfers carried out, retention periods or the exercise of a right of access, erasure, restriction of processing, portability and rectification). We remind you again that you can exercise your rights of access, restrictions of processing and / or erasure in relation to the processing of your personal data carried out jointly with the aforementioned platforms: a) Through our email [email protected], if you are a registered user. b) And otherwise, before the platforms in which you have a user account (because we will not be able to identify you)


Privacy Policyhttps://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=en-GB
Cookies Policyhttps://policies.google.com/technologies/cookies?hl=en-GB

Freepik’s cookie table

In the table below you will find detailed information about all cookies used on this website.


checkmypresets.com__stripe_midCookie necessary for the use and functionality of the web purchase.One year
checkmypresets.com__stripe_sidCookie necessary for the use and functionality of the web purchase.Session
checkmypresets.com_ga_98YX6J0R4KCookie necessary for the use and functionality of the web purchase.2 years
stripe.comprivate_machine_identifierCookie necessary for the use and functionality of the web purchase.2 months


checkmypresets.com_gaUsed by Google to store a unique user identifier2 years

Changes in the cookie policy

We recommend that you review this cookie policy each time you connect to our Website. Freepik reserves the right to modify its content at any given time. In any case, Freepik will notify or announce the new content and the dates on which a revision of these terms occurs, for the information of its users.

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