TutorialHow to create and sell Lightroom presets

Step 1: Create a preset

Presets are basically settings that are applied to a photo, enhancing the image with just a click of a button. This is an example:


You can create your presets using the Lightroom mobile app. It is free and you can download the mobile version here. And the desktop one here. In this tutorial we will learn how to do everything using just your smartphone.

Once you have Lightroom installed, the next step to create a Preset is to edit a photo that you have on your mobile. * Lightroom is free but you will have to register (No need to enter payment details)

Add a photo to your Lightroom library and then you will be able to edit it. Using the settings bar you can edit the photo as you like.

Keep in mind that the settings you touch are the ones that will be automatically touched on the photos of your clients once they use your preset. Above (or the left if your are on desktop) you can see my edited photo. These adjustments make the eyes stand out and the light is clearer.

Once you finish editing the photo, click the check in the top right to save it in your library. You will be now in the Library screen. Reopen the photo.

Hit the share button. The menu below will open. Now click on "Export as ..." and then choose the DNG file type. Save that file on your mobile. That's the preset!

Step 2: Create a store to sell your lightroom presets

We are going to use the free service: Create a free account and then go to the presets section.

Tap the button "New preset". Add a title, a price (we recommend a price below $ 5) and a description. Do you remember the DNG file that we keep in the step 1? Add it here. Here you have to upload a ‘Before photo’ and a ‘After photo’. In Lightroom you can save both. And you can do it with several photos and upload several.

Once you upload the preset you will be able to upload as many as you want.

Tap in your profile picture and then tap "My public store". This is the store you have to share with your followers so they can purchase your presets.

If you go back to your dashboard panel you can click in “Orders” and there will appear all the orders.

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